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Monday, November 8, 2010

Lisa's first entry

Here goes nothing...well, everything.
While Becky is quitting her addition to cigs I am quitting my addiction to junk food.  I have to! I feel huge and am just getting huger! (Yeah, I know but it is my blog and I can say what I want).  So I started today.  I also feel that bringing everything out in the open will make this happen; make me stick to it.  So here it is...
I did not weight myself this morning because I forgot to!
Height: 5' 10.5"
Last weight (11/6/10): 271.2
Size: 20 pants (ish - it really depends)
Pants: 1st goal: 18 / final goal: 14
Weight: 1st goal:  243.9 (10%) / final goal 185 / total loss: 86.2 lbs
Yes, I am putting it all out there for everyone to see.  My first step.  To me, keeping everyone from seeing it doesn't make it any less true.  I am that weight no matter who knows about it.  If I am going to do this I need to be honest with everyone; including myself.
Ok, to help me with this during the day I added an app on my Palm Pre.  It is the "Diet Control" app.  It is not what I would call perfect for me but it is not bad either.  I can enter in all the food I eat, all the exercise, and my weight and it tracks it all for me. 
Day 1 Breakdown
Honey Nut Cheerios with 2% milk for breakfast (I can't bring myself to go all the way to skim - maybe I will buy 1% next time): 220 calories
Snack: Great Value key lime pie yogurt: 170 calories
Lunch: Breakstone's cottage cheese doubles (peach): 100  calories
Dinner: Chicken patties (we had to cook them because they got thawed): 450calories
Green Giant Farmer's Blend Veggies:  105 calories
Side of pasta (This is VERY new to me - I never have pasta as a side dish): 210 calories
Dessert: 2 mandarin oranges and 2 SMALL dollops of whipped cream: 105
TOTAL FOR DAY 1:  1360
Exercise:  I walked a lot more today than I usually do.  I counted 3,000 steps.  That is not including the normal walking around the office.  I also tried to walk and stand more today rather than sitting all day long.  Each hour I tried to walk around at least a bit.  Tomorrow I will hopefully walk even more.
Approximate calories burned: 307
My BMR: 1995
That means I am down approximately  942 calories for the day! That is great in my book!
Yes, it totally could have been better but it IS so much better than what it has been.  I am proud of myself!  It was a good day one!

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  1. Some grocery stores have "Skim Plus" milk that's essentially skim milk, but with some extra of the non-fat milk solids added back in. The result is that it has close to the same consistency and taste as whole milk, but has none of the fat. I know Borden makes one. I think a couple of the store brands do as well.

    I've always been one of those people who would drink a glass of milk by itself. With a side-by-side comparison I think the Plus milk is not quite right when when drinking it by the glass... But in a bowl of Cheerios it's dang tough to tell the difference!

    It's definitely worth a try to see if it works for you. It's a little more expensive, but if it makes your Cheerios seem "right" without sacrificing the extra calories, it's probably worth it!