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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back on track!

As of today I am back down 4 pounds! Yippee!! Well, technically I am really only down ONE piddly pound but I did gain a lot back - I got back up to 275. So, back to 271 is 4 pounds. No matter - I am back and better than ever! I honestly have NO idea what got into me (well, yeah, obviously a lot of shitty food) but I beat it and am back down to 271.

I joined the Trim Success (biggest loser type thingie) at work and that just started Friday. We had a different one going on but that really went nowhere so we ALL quit that one and I started doing this one. It is an entire company-wide program; there are about 669 people in it. As of right now I am # 141 of 669. It is only the first week. Tomorrow is our 2nd weigh in. I hope I do ok!

I have not been riding my bike as often as I should but I have been eating great! I am using my company's website for keeping track of my weight and my food. I have to use it for my weight to be in the contest and it just happens that it has an awesome food and exercise log as well. Plus, when I am on it at work I can use the excuse, "I am doing the Realogy Trim Success program so it is technically work related:. So there.

I am super psyched and I don't know why! Maybe it is because Matt Hardaway is going to have to buy me sushi at the end of July when I beat his ass. Maybe it is because Chris and I are working on a scheme to make this sort of like my Xbox achievements that I hold so dear to my heart.

I always said Xbox should absolutely make a game or some sort of achievement thing where you just keep track of calories and exercise - then I would 100% keep up with it to get those achievements. I LOVE ACHIEVEMENTS!!!! It is amazing motivation for me.

If anyone has any suggestions on great motivation - let me know. I thrive on challenge and creativity. For me, unlike many people, it is not enouh for me to want it. Believe me, I want it. More than a lot of people. I am also very willing to work for it. I just need something, other than the end result, to motivate me. Achievements and challenges (not just someone saying I challenge you) do that for me. I will find it.