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Friday, April 15, 2011

Yo-yo weight

I am at work right now, waiting for my 11 am class to start. I could be doing something productive (after all, I do have to give a presentation tomorrow), but instead, I'm procrastinating. I've checked FB, I'm caught up on my email and everything else. I thought to myself, oh no, now I actually have to work?!

Then my eye caught the link for the The Vice Girls, and voila! Saved from work!

Current stats:

SW: 260 lbs
CW: 245 lbs.

TL: -15 lbs

1st goal: -26 lbs

So I'm back down to -15 lbs. I keep going back and forth between here and 250. I think I figured out why, though. It's a cycle. I'm so happy to get to 245 that I totally (well, a little) through out the diet on Friday and have more than I should. Then comes the weekend, where I eat what my kids eat (I don't snack all day, but I definitely don't have soup for lunch like I do during the week). I don't get my walking in, either, although I do clean the house and work outside. So come Monday, it's creeping back up, and I spend the whole week being good and trying to get it back down. So today, I shall not do that! I'm still going to have a healthy lunch, low-cal, and then Subway for dinner (because Fridays are our fast food day at home). Tomorrow morning when we get on the road, I'm going to have a healthy breakfast before I leave, not stop for Whataburger on the way. (Well....) Healthy lunch, etc. I have to try to keep this going. Oh, yeah, and not forget about my water. I've been doing really good on the water intake. It probably helps that I have a bottle that is 23.7 ounces. I fill it up three times and I've hit my 64 oz for the day, then I just keep going.

So here;s to keeping it going! I have two weeks to lose 11 pounds. You are only supposed to lose two pounds a week, on average, to keep from getting too much excess skin and nastiness like that, but maybe I can get closer before my birthday. I'd like to definitely be out of the 250s and into 240s territory at the least.

Today is a good day. :)

And finally, for your edification and enjoyment, we turn to