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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stupid pizza commercials

So, I've done fairly okay for the last two days. I was on track yesterday, had a healthy breakfast (like always), leftover chicken for lunch, and then locked myself out of my damn house with my kids. We went down to Farmer's Branch to hang out with family until I could go get the house key from Patrick. Anyone who has ever been in that situation with screaming, yelling, hungry kids and managed to keep from getting fast food? Well, kudos to you. It takes a stronger person than I.

Actually, the fast food wasn't the problem. It was what I ordered from Whataburger that was the problem. Instead of getting something like a kid's meal (which actually would have been a good amount of food), I got a bacon cheeseburger. Yummy. 800 cals for the sandwich, though (on a side note: the Sourdough Jack from Jack-in-the-Box, about 700 calories. It's about half the size of the burger I had yesterday. This means I can never, ever eat at Jack-in-the-Box again).

I'm going back to using my website I prefer, (takes some getting used to, but pretty cool). I track all of my food intake, as well as all the calories I expend during the day. It's very important to keep track of what you eat because you don't realize how many calories you actually take in. My goal is right at 1600 (1599 to be precise). Yesterday, I was at 2350. The only good thing I can say about yesterday is that, because I was so tired and I was at someone else's house, I didn't snack at all last night. So yay. Go me.

Today was better, but I still had more than I needed. I've finished the day at about 1850, and I've been pretty healthy all day. I've had 2 apples and spinach and mushrooms and fish and all sorts of good things.

However. The whole point of this blog: stupid pizza commercials. I'm hungry. I don't have any calories left for today and i'm hungry. I want to eat something. It can be healthy, that's fine. I just want something. Now is the time that all the food commercials come on, as well, and kudos to the advertising guys - all the food looks fantastic. I need to find some meals that are more filling - or snacks, for that matter - without being heavy in fats or carbs. No empty calories, thank you very much.

So mostly, right now, I'm trying to keep my hands busy, because if not...

Okay, let's take this in a different direction instead of talking about food. I had a thought yesterday morning. I pride myself on being a stubborn person. I revel in my stubbornness. No one in my family can out-stubborn me (at least, that's what I tell myself). Apparently, I'm not stubborn, though. I'm just pig-headed. There's a difference. When you are pig-headed, you just refuse to do something just because (your parents told you it was for your own good, for example, so you dig in your heels). Stubbornness means that you fight through and don't let anything beat you. I am letting myself beat me. I have to self-control, I realize that. But if I want to be stubborn, not pig-headed, I have to stop letting myself lose to... myself. I have to be strong and make myself do things I don't want to do (take a walk, eat healthy, not snack). I can be stronger than this. I am a stubborn person, I can do this. I am woman, hear me roar!!

Okay, so that was maybe a little over the top. Maybe I need my own soundtrack constantly playing, with inspiring music (like Eye of the Tiger). That could be cool.