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Friday, December 31, 2010

To be, or not to be… resolute.

A new year is hovering right at our fingertips.  This time of year always brings so many questions to my mind.  Does the new year mean the same thing to everyone?  Will many of us see it as a new start while the rest see it as a new chance for new problems?  Does anyone see it as just another day on the calendar? 

Why do we need a new year to start over; to make changes?  It seems most of us notice something is wrong and feel that it is ok to shilly-shally until January 1st to change our ways, thinking, “,that’s going to be my new year’s resolution”.  

The older I get and the more new years I see the more I think, it is just another day on the calendar.  There is nothing stopping any of us from changing ourselves, if we feel the need, at any time throughout the year.  Waiting until January 1st puts so much pressure on us to make an entire list of things to change.  About 10 years ago my resolution was to no longer make resolutions at New Year’s.  It has been the one that I have actually stuck to the longest.  This year, though, has been a crazy year for me so I feel that maybe it is time to change that about me as well.  Maybe, just maybe, there is something to this resolution thing.  I won’t know if I don’t try. 

After saying all of that, I do have a list of things I want to commit to in this upcoming year.; most of these changes have come into my head pretty recently.  Some are small, some are big, some are fun, some are serious.  They are all attempts.  If I don’t get it done it doesn’t mean I didn’t try; maybe it means it was not supposed to be done.  I don’t have a date in mind and maybe it won’t all be this year.  It is more of a lifetime timeframe for me.  

1. This will be my list of things to do in my life and will not need to be repeated each New Year’s. 

2. I will continue to change things as I feel they are needed throughout the year. 

3. I am seriously going to TRY to be less negative, impatient, complaining and bitchy...while remembering that trying to be less bitchy does not mean I will keep my opinions to myself or that I will let people walk all over me or others.  I will continue to speak up and stand up for what I think is right.  It just means I will try not to jump so quick on others.  I will try to think before I speak. 

4. I am going to eat less meat.  I honestly feel so much better, physically, when I don’t eat meat.  I completely understand I will not be cutting out all meat all the time.  When I go to someone’s house for dinner and they have meat, guess what I am eating for dinner? Meat!  I am not going to ask anyone to do anything different for me.  Also, if I have someone over to my house for dinner and they love chicken parmesan, then that may be what they get.  For some reason this always brings on debate.  Don’t throw your meat lovers opinion at me.  Eat all the meat you want.  I am not going to try to “convert” you so don’t give me crap about what I want or why I want it.  If you feel the need then please reread number 3 and notice the word TRY.

5.  My blogs have all been quiet lately.  I will keep up with all of them more often.  If it is important enough for you to read it (because you are my friends) then I will continue to write and attempt to entertain you. 

6. Chris deserves a better wife.  Rather than taking the time and energy in finding one for him, I will just make sure I make myself into a better one.  I will see how that goes first. 

7. My Xbox Gamerscore WILL surpass Chris’. Will.

8. My house will be cleaner. 

9. Money will get better.  If we want to even think about another kid we need to be able to afford daycare, so, we need to work on that.

10. I will figure out how to use my fantastic SLR camera.   I’m not sure if it will be a class, or a book, but I will learn it.

That should do for now.  I will add to this as I see fit. Smile

Oh, yeah, Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's resolution

So, we seem to have stopped this for a little bit, but in two days, the new year will be here, so what better time to jump start this? I've been ignoring the no-smoking thing pretty bad, and I haven't actually been paying much attention to when or what I've been eating (besides shaking my head at all the chocolate).

After the New Year, Patrick and I go back on the no-smoking train. I've not sure if he will, actually, but i really hope so. We were doing so well before... we weren't...anymore. :)

I've also been looking on craigslist for an elliptical machine (my preference) or a treadmill for relatively cheap. I've decided (yet another excuse, I know) that I am most motivated to work out at night, but that is the time that I can't leave, since I am alone with the kids. If I have a work-out machine here, maybe I will actually use it while I am watching TV or something. I would hope so.

So I don't have much to talk about at the moment, since I am in kind of a holding pattern. I can only complain so much that I don't like the way I look before people stop listening, or start yelling at me to shut up and f-ing do something about it. Hopefully, that time is now.

BTW, any suggestions for quick, healthy, cheap meals that my kids will eat? I've regressed back to pizza, hamburger helper, and spaghetti during the week. I'm not quite sure if this is due to time constraints or money constraints, but there ya go. Suggestions?