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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My tight jeans aren't so tight anymore

That's right, the jeans I had to steal from my mom (because they were too big for her) are now the perfect fit! THAT, my friends, is the feeling of success. Honestly, I can't believe I am actually doing it. It feels amazing. Slowly, very slowly, the feeling of pride and self-worth is coming back to this vice girl.

Right now, I am only using the scale at work. It is one of those medical ones with the sliding measures. No sense trying to compute two different weights from two scales.
Can I find a cheap one for my house, I wonder?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tipping the wagon now and then never hurt anyone.

I have not gotten off the wagon - I am just kind of riding the rails with it. This past weekend I had a fantastic dinner with Chris and our amazing friends, Bo and Mindy. It was decadent and 100% guilt free. Once in a while we need those times! Fondue, oh yes, fondue. Cheese fondue, oil fondue, chocolate fondue... damn it was delicious!

Real world, circa Monday after fondue: 3 pounds heavier. It is totally fine though! It was worth it and I knew it would come off again. So, today (Friday) I am down that three pounds AND some! 267.5 for a total loss of 7.5!

Theoretically, I may have been 3 pounds lighter than that had I skipped the fondue delights. On the other hand, maybe the splurge kick-started my system again and helped me lose more than I would have without it. we will never know and I don't care; not one bit.

Goal number one - I am coming for you. Don't be scared though; I will make it past you before you know what hit you.

Water weight... Boo

SW: 260 lbs
CW: 250 lbs
Loss: -10 lbs

1st goal: -26 lbs

So I figured that the first weight that I lost so easily was nothing but water weight. Boo. I thought that I has staying relatively hydrated, but that's what cutting coffee and DDP out of my diet have done for me. Go me!

I haven't posted in a little bit because I was hoping the extra five pounds that I gained back would go away. It didn't, so there ya go. I think I fell off the wagon just a little bit with my diet, not really paying attention to what I was eating. I know I did that for sure on Tuesday. I found out that I've been selected to be an NSF Fellow for this year (which means over $120,000 towards my graduate education from NSF), so I went out to lunch with a friend to celebrate it. I got a very high-fat, high-cal turkey BLT (but sooooo good!) with homemade chips. I was good and only ate half of it in the restaurant. Then I went home in the middle of the afternoon and ate the rest, then had dinner on top of that. Self control FAIL.

I'm frustrated, but only a little. I still want to hit my first goal by my birthday (which is in three weeks). I don't know if I'll be able to do it, but I should be close, hopefully. I've upped my walking so that I walk an extra block to drop Jamie off to day care in the morning (for a total of about 20 minutes round trip), and I actually walked yesterday to go pick him up, too. He got a kick out of that. That gave me a total of about 35 minutes of walking. I'm also trying to watch my sodium intake and drink more water. With this new huge water bottle that I have, maybe I need to up my water goals. Or continue drinking water at home, not just at work. :)

I need to start thinking about putting down cigarettes again, too. Hmmm.