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Friday, April 8, 2011

Tipping the wagon now and then never hurt anyone.

I have not gotten off the wagon - I am just kind of riding the rails with it. This past weekend I had a fantastic dinner with Chris and our amazing friends, Bo and Mindy. It was decadent and 100% guilt free. Once in a while we need those times! Fondue, oh yes, fondue. Cheese fondue, oil fondue, chocolate fondue... damn it was delicious!

Real world, circa Monday after fondue: 3 pounds heavier. It is totally fine though! It was worth it and I knew it would come off again. So, today (Friday) I am down that three pounds AND some! 267.5 for a total loss of 7.5!

Theoretically, I may have been 3 pounds lighter than that had I skipped the fondue delights. On the other hand, maybe the splurge kick-started my system again and helped me lose more than I would have without it. we will never know and I don't care; not one bit.

Goal number one - I am coming for you. Don't be scared though; I will make it past you before you know what hit you.

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  1. Everyone needs those guilt free days or they'll go nuts. I'm so glad you spent yours with us!