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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Inner Yoda

So after a really bad week last week, I'm back on the wagon. Sort of. Okay, maybe running along behind it getting ready to jump back on. I did bum a cigarette when I went for a drink with some friends yesterday, but I didn't really enjoy it. Does that count? It's the only one for the past three days. So I'm trying again with it. I really do feel better when I'm not smoking. I miss being a smoker, though.

Food-wise, I'm really not doing well. I keep having to fight against myself and losing. Luckily, most of the leftovers are gone. I don't like pecan pie and it's the only one left in my fridge right now. I'm running short on money (aren't I always?), so we don't have a whole bunch of snack-y foods in the house. I keep looking down and seeing my stomach sticking out and getting disgusted with myself.

In reading back over this post, I've noticed something. When Lisa posts (ahem, ahem), she's funny. Good day, bad day, whatever, she's funny. I'm depressing. I'm constantly down on myself. Obviously, that kind of an attitude doesn't work, and isn't really all that fun to read, either. I have to be honest here, though, since I don't seem to be honest anywhere else (at least when it comes to food and smoking).

Okay, now I'm rambling. Not sure what I'm trying to accomplish here, except that I'm back on the anti-smoking wagon and am trying the food thing.

I have to channel some Yoda here. Do. Or do not. There is no try.