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Friday, January 28, 2011

Lazy ass Lisa

Yup.  I have been lazy and have not posted on here.  I am working on a lot of things and this just got lost in the shuffle.  But, here I am!

We are doing Biggest Loser at work so I need to get my ass in gear and work hard.  I have not been keeping track of things on Fitday but I have been watching what I eat.  The good news is I have not gained anything back – the bad news is I have not lost.  However, I have been up and down with what I have been eating.  I have good days; lose a little.  I have bad days; gain a little.  I also have been getting up later so not walking as much as I was.

This weekend all of that is changing. I will have more good days and will be working more on being more active. 

Guess what I ordered!! is sending me a desk cycle thingie! Yay! This thingie goes under my desk and has pedals on it so I can work my legs, like on a bike, all day while at my desk! How exciting is that!?! (Ok, not very – for you – but very for me!)

What else I will do to get active has not come to me yet but I am sure it will :O)