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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's resolution

So, we seem to have stopped this for a little bit, but in two days, the new year will be here, so what better time to jump start this? I've been ignoring the no-smoking thing pretty bad, and I haven't actually been paying much attention to when or what I've been eating (besides shaking my head at all the chocolate).

After the New Year, Patrick and I go back on the no-smoking train. I've not sure if he will, actually, but i really hope so. We were doing so well before... we weren't...anymore. :)

I've also been looking on craigslist for an elliptical machine (my preference) or a treadmill for relatively cheap. I've decided (yet another excuse, I know) that I am most motivated to work out at night, but that is the time that I can't leave, since I am alone with the kids. If I have a work-out machine here, maybe I will actually use it while I am watching TV or something. I would hope so.

So I don't have much to talk about at the moment, since I am in kind of a holding pattern. I can only complain so much that I don't like the way I look before people stop listening, or start yelling at me to shut up and f-ing do something about it. Hopefully, that time is now.

BTW, any suggestions for quick, healthy, cheap meals that my kids will eat? I've regressed back to pizza, hamburger helper, and spaghetti during the week. I'm not quite sure if this is due to time constraints or money constraints, but there ya go. Suggestions?


  1. I will ask a girl at work. She was talking about getting rid of a treadmill (I think) for about $100. I will see her Monday...hopefully I will remember to ask :O)

    I know what you mean about the "I can only complain so much that I don't like the way I look before people stop listening, or start yelling at me to shut up and f-ing do something about it.". I feel the same way! But, we are doing something about it. It may not work 100% of the time but you and I are ALWAYS trying.

  2. Use ground turkey instead of ground beef - that will immediately drop your fat some and kids can't really tell the difference. If you season it well, it is really yummy. Similarly, you can get turkey sausage which is decent - just watch the sodium.

    Eggs are a quick and cheap replacement for other protein as well - we make omelettes a lot. If you want less fat or cholesterol, make an omelette with 1 or 2 egg whites and one whole egg.

    We also eat a lot of chicken thighs - they are cheap, cook fast, you can bake them. The kids will like the crispy skin, and you can peel it off - a baked chicken thigh without skin has less than 150 calories.

    Cook some brown rice (or you can spend a little more and get the brown ready rice in the pouch that goes in the microwave) and add a little smart balance and/or chicken broth for flavor as a side.

    We eat a lot of the steam-in-the-bag veggies. Tom thumb's store brand is really good and a cheap alternative to the pricier steamfresh bagged veggies. They take 5 minutes in the microwave.

    It's so hard to eat healthy when you're pressed for time and money! Hope these ideas help a little.