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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It’s starting!! (really, really small but there is less weight on me)

First off I want to say that I am so proud of you, Becky! You are doing so great.  Your kids will be so much better off for this, as will you and Patrick.  Thank you so much for doing this with me. 

My main goal is my clothing size and the way I FEEL about how I look but the scale is a very close second.  So, when the scale says I am down .6 – I can’t help but jump for joy a little bit.  (Plus, the jumping is exercise, right?)

So, ugh, there was a birthday at work today which means CAKE! Well, cupcakes AND cake, to be exact.  I did great – I only had three bites.  It was only out of sympathy though.  My “don’t call me boss” boss made the cupcakes; which everyone wanted.  Another girl made a Hello Kitty cake for the birthday girl; which not many people were eating. To make her feel better I took a piece of cake.  The most difficult part was actually throwing it away after only eating three bites.  It would have been easier to just not take it to begin with.  But, I did it. And boy those were three very savory bites.

I am SO tired! I cannot even tell you.  I walked out of the house with no food; no lunch, no snacks, nothing.  So, my food today is a bit lacking in the healthy department.  Dinner had a lot of veggies and protein though!

Today;s food:


I did not walk today.  (Please see above statement about being tired).  I had a little activity this morning (SO EARLY) but that’s all.  I will walk again tomorrow.

Today’s activities:


The worst part is that my activity is not even why I am tired! Don’t get me wrong – it definitely had a bit to do with it – but it was just an off night all night long. 

So all-in-all it was still a decent day; even with cake and no walking. I’m still ahead 1,888 calories for the day!


Pounds left to first goal: 26.7

Goals: Size 14 / Weight: 1st goal:  243.9 (10%) / final goal 185 / total loss: 86.2 lbs


  1. Your "don't call me boss" boss is very proud of you. Do it for you. All the complexities of your tracking are right up your alley. I like it!