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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Screw you Lean Cuisine!

Here I was, thinking I am the shit; thinking I am eating so great because I am eating Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, and Smart Ones meals for lunch. My goal was not over 260 calories (it was 250 until I saw the lobster ravioli was 260 so I made an adjustment)for lunch. I still think that was realistic. Until, that is, Chris told me to get the salad stuff I always say I am going to get and never go get. This time I did. I added up my salad today WITH DRESSING and it was a whopping 129 calories. What was I thinking ignoring this fabulousness earlier. Salad, oh how I love thee for you allow me an extra snack later in the day. A bite of sweets, perhaps. Oh yes, I've got your ticket healthy lunch people, and i have ripped it up to throw in your face. Salad has beaten you down with a cucumber!

So, I had a salad for lunch today.

Oh! And i rode my bike 5.02 miles, just as I promised. 360 calories Plus what i saved on lunch is another meal's worth of calories.

I LOVE this now. I love the challenge of the weight loss but, even more, the challenge of working it all out. I really make a game of it. It is a logic problem I must solve each day.

I am winning.


  1. That is right up your alley! Logical! That explains the raw green beans. Very proud of you my friend!

  2. And those lean cuisines are loaded with SALT. I retain water weight when I eat them and the scale actually goes UP.

  3. I love that you guys are still paying attention. Thanks - it really helps and it means a lot! L

  4. I need to stop watching the news ... You said winning and the 1st thing that popped into my mind is Charlie Sheen... Ekkk pop culture vulture