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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exercise, not excercise (FYI)

Okay, I got poked. Just a little reminder that it was now my turn to blog, because I hadn't done it in a while. Eh, I got lazy (and busy with school), what can I say?


So here are my stats:
SW: 260
CW: 245
TL: -15

1st goal: -26


I feel like I should have an additional 5 pound weight loss on there, but I've actually reached -15 *again*. I stayed at home (mostly) over Spring Break. Yikes! Kudos to those stay-at-home parents who actually manage to either lose weight or never gain it in the first place! It's easier when I come to work/school every day. I have a routine. I'm a big one for routines. I bring my lunch and my snacks, and I have healthy snacks already up here, so I'm good. At home, I have access to cookies. And cokes. And more fruit than I need. And bread...

Okay, you get the picture. I have self-control issues. But then we knew that, right? Not coming as a surprise to anyone here.

I've done surprisingly well on the "no cokes" things. I've extended it from just Diet Dr. Pepper to everything carbonated. It didn't seem very fair, both Lent-wise and health-wise, to cut out DDP but just replace it with Diet Coke or something. I've only had three since Lent began. I know I'm not supposed to have any, but there you go. It's hard to go to McDonald's when you are on your way out of town to go camping and *not* get a coke. Once Lent is over, though, those are the only times that I will really drink cokes, when I don't really have a different option (at least, not a different option than I want). I even still have 4 DDPs in the garage that I haven't touched. I thought about it once, but decided not to. Yay me.

I've also kind of eased back on the Couch-to-5K thing. I'm going to pick it back up, I swear, as soon as I can. Not sure when that will be, but I really don't want to add it to my list of things I got really excited about, did once, then never again. It got cold for a while, and before the time change, it was dark when I had time to do it. Not that it is light outside when the boy goes to bed, maybe I'll be able to work it in. Right now I have tests that I need to be studying for. Unfortunately, school wins over exercise. In the summer, when it's too hot to really be out running, no matter what time it is, hopefully, I'll have time to go to the gym on campus. I'll even be able to go in the middle of the day, or whenever I want to. I still really want a (space-saver) treadmill for home also. In my head, though, when it comes to exercising, it's kind of on a back burner. I want to see how far I can go with just watching what I eat. Once I seem to get stuck, then I'll really start the exercising. Most days, i don't hit my calorie goal, so I'm interested to see what will happen if I just watch what I eat (and that doesn't mean to watch it go into my mouth). Grr (at myself).

However, I'm not just sitting on my butt. I still walk Jamie to day care every morning, which is about 15 minutes of walking. I'll start to walk to day care to pick him up in the evenings, too, next week (this isn't just me putting it off; I have to leave early today because Jamie has a doctor's apt, and then Lexie has a vet apt tomorrow afternoon). I'm trying to get more exercise into my day. Dakota has started soccer, too, so I'll walk around the field while she is practicing (two-fold purpose: I get exercise and I keep my mouth shut and let the coaches do their jobs).

Speaking of Dakota, she hurt my feelings the other day in that way that kids do. No sensor, you know. I should be used to it, my godson said about the same thing three years ago. She looked at me and said "mama, it's like you're pregnant again". I had to explain to her why we don't say things like that (even if it's true) and why she hurt my feelings. That;s the second time she's said something like that. Last weekend, I was changing in my room. She walked in and said "ewwwww!" Patrick got onto her and she had to apologize. I think that she was more talking about seeing someone with no shirt on (she even said that for Hulk Hogan and other people she's seen shirtless) rather than my weight, but still. Not the greatest thing to hear.

So my birthday is April 29th. I will be 29, so this is my golden birthday. I'm planning on going to dinner, then out dancing with friends. I even have a friend coming up from Houston to hang with us. In addition, my best friend and I are going to have a "girly" day of getting our hair done, nails done (maybe), and going shopping for a dress for her. My goal is to lose 11 more pounds by then (hitting my first goal), and the day with my bestie is my reward. Granted, technically that means that if I don't lose the weight, I have to cancel the day. Hmmm. My second goal is to hit the next weight loss goal (by which point I will be down to 211, a total loss of 49 pounds) by August, Patrick's and my 10th anniversary. If I can manage that, then I think I will be about ten pounds lighter than I was when we got married.

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  1. GREAT JOB!!!!! Seriously, i am super proud of you! 15 pounds is an amazing feat. You are kicking (and losing) ass!

    The walking to daycare is fantastic. I am jealous!

    Keep it up!