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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

and one to grow (well, shrink) on

1 more gone!
It never seems like much to me when I see 1 pound gone. Then I pick up a pound of shredded cheddar or a pound of sliced rare roast beef. Next time you are at the store go ahead and try it. One, then add another, and one at a time get to six. That is how much I have lost.

Another time it hits me is when I realize that Lars weighs 25 pounds. Wow- I need to lose three and a half Larses. That is a bit daunting.

One Lars at a time though, right?

Still no bike. I am mad at myself about that. I could be at 8 or 10 if I would sit my ass on the seat and pedal. Tomorrow that is my goal; back to 5 miles. No excuses.

Food. Now that has not been horrible. Really, i am just going about it as a total change instead of a diet. I go over my 1500 goal now and then but that's quite alright. I just do better the next day. That is reality - sticking to 1500 every day is not reality.

How are you guys doing?

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  1. So you are down by 3 now? Update your weight tracker! By inspired by that! And remember, one Lars at a time, like you said. Don't think about the total amount of weight you need to lose.