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Friday, February 3, 2012


So this morning the scale said I was down 5 pounds. Whoohoo, go me! I've had three good days, and hopefully today will be another one. I've been updating my calorie count website religiously, even with dinner (which I don't usually do). I hope it keeps going down (I know that's up to me, though).

So here's the list of my excuses that keep me from exercising/eating right:

1) My foot hurts.
Explanation: I somehow hurt it this past July in Colorado. Been to the doctor, had x-rays taken, they can't find anything. If I walk too much on it, it hurts, to the point where I can't really walk on it.
Why it's stupid: Walk through the pain! It hurts on and off, but usually off when I go to the doctor. Maybe this will make it so that it's actually hurting when I go! But seriously, have to exercise the foot, otherwise it's always going to be like this. Then, in 20 years when I weigh 500 pounds, I won't have to worry about my foot hurting, because I will be in a scooter, so there will never be any weight on it.
What I should say instead: Soaking it in hot water when it is aching generally makes the ache go away. Try that instead, ya whiny baby!

2) I ran out of time.
Explanation: This is usually said in regards to breakfast, right before I stop at Whataburger and get two bacon, egg, and cheese taquitos, an orange, and a coffee. Yummy, but that's almost 1000 calories right there, just for breakfast.
Why it's stupid: 1000 calories. For breakfast. As opposed to the normal 300-400 that I eat.
What I should say/do instead: Get up earlier so that I'm not running later with the kids? Go back home after dropping them off and eat breakfast then? Take my oatmeal in a microwaveable container and have it at work? Have some stuff on hand that I can grab and go (granola, yogurt, fruit, etc). If I have time to make coffee, I have time to assemble a breakfast that I can eat when I get to work. If I don't have time to make coffee and I stop at 7-Eleven to get some, well, they sell fruit, too. Or cereal. Something. Occasionally, Whataburger is okay for breakfast, even at 1000 calories for a meal. But it needs to be a very active day, or truly only once in a while. Not every Friday.

3) I don't have the time to exercise.
Explanation: So that means I can't do the Couch-to-5K program, or go to the gym for step classes, or go swimming. I can't get up early to do some yoga at home, because I like to sleep. I can't exercise after the kids go to sleep because that would mean walking around the neighborhood - in the dark - and leaving them home alone.
Why it's stupid: Free gym access at school. Free exercise classes. Walking around before I come to work. No classes at all during the day.
What I should do instead: I can take an hour or two to go the gym during the day, including bringing shower stuff so I can take a shower after. I can even go at 400, so I don't have to worry about having wet hair for the rest of the day. I can walk around for 30 minutes to an hour before coming into work and getting started, or walk for a break or after lunch. I have some ygoa tapes at home, as well as some others. I also have YouTube on my TV, so I can do it that way. Dogs are bothering me as I'm trying to do this? Stick them outside. Find a step for cheap. Find a treadmill for cheap. Try setting an "easy" routine and sticking to it (so many sit ups, so many pushups, etc, etc).

4) It's expensive to buy healthy food and we don't always have the money to do so.
Explanation: When you have to buy dog food, cat food, diapers, and laundry detergent in one week, this cuts sharply into the grocery store budget. Getting food for the week takes priority over buying healthy soup for lunch or stuff to make an interesting (re: lots of stuff on it that will fill me up) salad. Hamburger helper and spaghetti for dinner for the week sometimes just has to happen.
Why it's stupid: Well, this one isn't quite so stupid, because I don't necessarily have total control over this. You gotta do what you gotta do to make ends meet and make sure that everyone is fed satisfactorily, healthy or not.
What I should do instead: Watch portion control. Yeah, hamburger helper may not be the greatest thing for me, calorie and fat content wise, but if you have no choice... Be willing to buy cheaper stuff at the store (generic versus name brand). Make enough chicken, etc, for leftovers the next day and take that to work. Get up and move more, so that even if I am taking in more calories, hopefully I'm using them more/better. Eat slower, drink more water before, during and after meals. I already know that I eat too much, one of my main problems, so maybe that would help with letting my brain catch up to my stomach with being finished. Cut out nonessentials from the grocery budget (no more Diet Dr. Pepper for Becky).

I have more excuses, but I can't think of them right now. When I can. I will try to update the list.

5 pounds down. Let's keep going!

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  1. Chicken thighs! Those have gotten us through tight budget weeks. You can buy them with the skin on and peel it off, or, if you can find them, get them boneless/skinless. They are tons more flavorful than white meat, and sure, a little more fat/calories, but studies have shown that there is great benefit to the additional vitamins in dark meat. They can be cooked a ton of different ways - roasted, pan cooked, broiled, seasoned any way you want, the boneless skinless ones can be breadcrumbed and baked. Between those, brown rice, and canned or frozen vegetables, we have saved our budget and our diets many times.