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Monday, May 9, 2011

so far

It has not even been a full day, I get that.  However, I am super happy with lunch! I got the Turkey Tom Unwich at JimmyJohns. Wow - was shocked at how great it tasted! Especially when i could smell the bread baking from the drive-through window.  One bite in and I was hooked. The lettuce wrap makes it crunchy and light. Granted , the bread does fill you up more but this just felt better going down. It also allowed me to taste the sandwich instead of only bread.  I will be doing this more often. Next time though, I will replace the mayo with avacado spread and add cheese. I forgot when I got to order; I just got too excited I guess.
I did not weigh myself this morning as I had planned.  My schedule was completely thrown off by Chris flying to New Orleans this morning. The fast was not broken until lunch (just now).  Tomorrow should be better and will begin with eggs  with Lars. 

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