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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's like I have to wait for Lisa to post, then I do. It's all because I want to be like her. :)

I'm not posting my stats because honestly, I haven't weighed myself recently. The past two weeks have been a little (!) crazy for me, and I haven't really stuck to the diet. Much. At all. Oh, well.

So I've decided to jump back on the no-smoking bandwagon as well as the dieting one. I know, I know, I'm setting myself up for failure... maybe. I know it's hard to do both at once, and that it's suggested you quit smoking for about a year, then diet, but what can i say, I'm impatient.

This past weekend was the Crucis alumni weekend. I waited until after then to quit smoking because I knew that there was no way I'd be able to not bum a smoke the whole weekend. I know my limitations. I also wanted to "over-smoke" so that I would be ready to put them down come Monday. I can say, it worked. At least, the over-smoking part did. We went up to Transfig (the outdoor chapel) Friday night and were singing some songs. My breathing was so bad that sometimes I would take a breath to sing and nothing would come out. I had no control over my singing voice and that bothered me (as well it should). My lungs hurt, I was coughing and hacking... Why the hell does anyone pick up this habit? Good Lord.

Monday probably wasn't the best day for me to start, but it had to be sometime. Monday was the first day of finals week. I had two tests. I'm a creature of habit, in case you haven't picked up on this fact, and I'm used to going out to smoke prior to taking any test. It gives me a chance to either keep reveiwing or turn my mind off for a couple of minutes, let it reset. I didn't do that, though. I was proud of myself for nto going around, looking for a cigarette to bum. I know who smokes in the building. Instead, I found a Starburst candy cane from Christmas and sucked on that. (Funny story - it turned my lips and tongue green. I think I surprised the prof when I turned my test in and smiled, like I always do.)

So I didn't smoke at all during the day (Monday and Tuesday). I didn't go to the store to get any, either, even though that is super-easy to do. Go me. However, when Patrick got home, I did smoke a couple of his. So I went from a pack and half over the course of Friday afternoon to Saturday night, 10 on Sunday, 4 on Monday, 3 yesterday. Yes, I am still taking advantage of the fact that Patrick is smoking (still). However, I'm trying to limit myself. Yesterday, I waited until after dinner to have one. Tonight, I'm going to wait until after the kids are in bed. I want to wean myself down for a little bit. I know that cold-turkey is better, but I'm weaning. I'm also not going to smoke around my parents. At all. If I spend the whole day with them, that means the whole day will be spent not smoking.

As always, the hard part will be being around other smokers, and in social situations. Send good thoughts my way while I try to be strong.

Back paying attention to the diet as well. My last test is on Thursday, so I'm back to the grind of work (it's nice being a grad student sometimes). I have to say, it's a lot easier being on a diet and walking and everything while I'm at work.

On a side note, I'm now friends on FB with my high school boyfriend. It's actually providing me with a little more motivation to lose weight, etc. Ssshhhh. Don't tell anyone. :)

(Side note #2 - the original title of this post was "Snoking..." Yay typos. Okay, randomness over.)

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