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Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy (?) anniversary Becky.

Looking back through our blog, I have come to the terrible yet true realization that it has been 6 months since we started this endeavor.  Six months and I have only made one goal.  On one hand I am proud of us for sticking to the attempt this long! Most people don't last 6 months on any plan.  The other hand is too busy slapping me to count though. It is saying, " what the hell? Six months and all you did was 14 pounds that you have probably already gotten back). Yup, that is what my mind is focusing on.  Becky and I know what to do. We just need to keep our goals and progress in check. 

My brain wanted 2 pounds a week but my body only got 2 pounds per month. I am working on that.

It is still better than gaining! That is what I am used to so no matter what, it is progress.

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