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Friday, March 4, 2011

Crazy Busy!

Today was a busy day! I actually did not eat breakfast or lunch. Yes, I know that is bad and it was NOT my intention. I woke up late and then during my lunch break Chris and I went to check out a daycare center so I missed out then too. I had Chinese food at dinner (9:15 ish) and that's it. So, even though I didn't eat enough, the good side is that I didn't over do it!

I used my under desk cycle thing a bit today. It is rough to use for me, personally, though. My knees hit my desk so it is a bit awkward to use but I did it! I had to steal my boss' chair because it has no wheels. When I use it in my chair, it rolls me backward and I spend more time scooting up than cycling. Then I had to take my shoes off because my go-fasters (what my mom calls sneakers) don't fit well in the pedal straps. So, as crazy as it sounds - i MacGyvered everything to make it work.

Tomorrow I think we will be doing some yard work so that will be good for me too. Plus, I plan on riding my bike even if for a short time.

Oh, I did step on the scale. I am lost. I got three readings in four tries so I guess I will go with the one I got twice.

1st: 253.2 (NICE!)

2nd: 259.7 (ok but not as nice)

3rd and 4th: 269.4 (bollocks)

So, I started this thing at 271.2 lbs on November 8th 2010

To date I have lost a grand total of 1.8 lbs! Un-woo hoo. Granted, I have lost more than that and then gained it back. I have not stuck with this as I should have but I also have not gained it ALL back, so that's a plus, right?

I am back on it now and ready again. I go through these phases all the time though. I do great and then do bad but usually I gain it all back and more. These last few times I have fallen off though, I don't do that. I catch myself sooner and right the wagon. Here's to continued use of my brain!

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