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Monday, November 15, 2010

Do I look lighter to you?

What? well, I should.  I mean, I AM!



This is the thing that might be the biggest difference in doing this with Becky; hers is either on or off.  Either she smokes or she doesn’t.  There is not a lot of tracking or results she gets to see right away.  Once her lungs get working again she will see more; breathing easier will be a result she will love!!  With weight loss it is something I constantly have to keep track of and keep an eye on.  But the good side is I get little victories too :O)

There was another damn birthday today! Seriously why do we eat junk food to celebrate people being born?  We should get cake for the birthday person and veggies / fruit for everyone else.  Ugh, this time I ate the entire cupcake.  I started to  feel a little guilty but not enough to stop eating it.  It was good and worth it. 

Today’s damage:


While the cupcake was worth the calories the lunch was NOT.  Don’t bother with Marie Callender’s microwave meals from off the shelf (Fresh Mixers they might be called) though I don’t know about the frozen stuff.  None of the flavors I have had are any good.  The Healthy Choice, on the other hand, are good! Well, except the Szechwan beef and Asian-style noodles – it tastes like paint, yet it is not even a good color.  Go figure.

Anyway no walking today.  We had a huge client at work today so I had to wear dress shoes. Ugh – lame! I am pretty sure the clients were not looking at my feet. Smile


So this is actually going a whole lot easier than I thought it would, so far.  I mean this counting calories is a cinch!  I eat anything I want as long as I stick to my calories.  I got that…pretty much.  Now I will work on eating healthier stuff; making healthier choices. 

I may think of a few healthy things to make for Thanksgiving. 


Anyone have any suggestions or comments on how to make this blog better?  Sorry, naked pictures are not an option… yet. 


  1. Yay Lisa! Don't quit! I've rededicated myself to shedding my bedrest/baby weight. I'm suffering right along with you!

  2. Good job on the weight loss, and don't beat yourself up over the cupcake! As long as you stopped at one, it's okay. The point of dieting is not to deny ourselves *everything*, but to have what we want in moderation. That's the problem that most of us who are way overweight have. 1 cupcake = okay. 10 = not okay.