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Monday, November 15, 2010

1 Week Down

I feel sometimes like I am working towards something. Okay, maybe that's a stupid statement, because obviously, I am. But it feels almost like weight loss, where you get down to a certain weight and you move to a "maintenance" diet. I feel like once I hit a certain time frame, then I'll have an occasional cigarette again. It's a weird feeling.

So I've been smoke-free for a week now. I will admit, I've been looking for a cigarette, but not hard or successfully. I was going to visit a friend (who smokes) on Sunday and I was going to bum a smoke - turns out he wasn't home. I wouldn't be terribly upset if Patrick brought home a cigarette, but he's been surprisingly good. The one or two smokers in my lab haven't asked me to go smoke with them (not knowing that I quit), and in fact when I walk by, they aren't usually out there. Every time I'm in a situation where I have the ability to get a cigarette, it doesn't work out.

So instead of complaining about it, or wondering/planning when the next time I'm going to get a cigarette is, I'm going to say yay me! 1 week, smoke-free. I'm not necessarily over the hump, but I'm definitely on my way.

Now I need to honestly take a good hard look at my weight. Yes, I need to focus on staying quit of cigarettes (and yes, I also realize that's not grammatical correct, but its fun to say) for a good long time before focusing on weight loss, but I can't take it anymore. I have got to do something. Will it ruin this whole pact thing that we have going, Lisa, if I change mine from no smoking no no smoking *and* weight loss?


  1. No! It won't ruin it! That will be fun too!

  2. I love how you point out a grammar's so random. Admittedly I never smoked quite like you did, but eventually I think you'll just form a new habit with cigarettes...ignoring them. It will probably take a while but I know you can do it.

  3. As long as you are realistic with your expectations for yourself, you can certainly do both! I'm proud of you girls!