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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meh, I could be better.

While I have not really gained it back, I am not losing a lot either. Becky, I am doing EXACTLY what you are. All week I eat great but the weekend I don't. It's not like I spend the weekend going all out or anything. In fact, I make a great effort not to do that. However, I don't eat what I would call good stuff; I just eat less of the bad stuff than I used to.

This means I spend all week losing all of that weight again plus just a little extra. It would be a lot extra if I didn't spend all weekend defying myself.

I rode the bike today though for the first time in a LONG time. I only rode a mile but it is a start; a restart I guess. I have been working a lot on he weekends around the house and outside though, so that is great! I also got the pool up again this weekend and worked my ass off doing it. Actually, my body ached Monday so bad but it was nice to feel like I worked some muscles. This means I will be swimming again soon, hopefully this weekend. There are a lot of leaves I need to clean out of it first. Plus, it still is a bit on the chilly side.

I weight myself on Friday and I was 265.5 still; right where I was on last Friday. I will weigh myself today even though I am pretty damn sure it will be higher than that since it is only Tuesday.

This week, ok, starting today, I am going to refocus and do even better this week and then this weekend. Normally, I do great during the week. I am going to cut the calories just a bit more over the week, this should allow for a few extra to be had on the weekends. My goal has been 1465 (don't ask me why - it is just what my calorie counter has picked for me) but I think I will lower that during the week to 1200 - 1300. Let's see how that goes, shall we?

I HAVE to do this. I AM doing this, I just have to do a better job at it. Failure is not an option and I am not completely disappointed with how I have been doing either. You guys better not be either.

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  1. Lisa - I've tried scaling back calories this week, too. I went from 1599 (just as random) to 1350. This gives me just a little bit of wiggle room to go over without it being a huge deal, as well as providing a buffer to the weekend.